My photographic interests lie within the sphere of architecture and cityscape, which draws me to travel and explore the complex and rich developments of places and their cultural influences. Lately I worked in Italy and had the opportunity to record aspects of classical architecture, from Renaissance to Baroque. I was captured by the achievements and values of the great architects, and the way established rules of composition are re-defined and refined in search for a new and often radical architectural and visual language.

I frequently visit Berlin, a place that has grown on me over the years. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of contemporary and historical architecture, buildings that bear witness to the political past and cultural inheritance, and at the same time project a vibrant view of the present and future. As well as developing my own work I enjoy undertaking projects for clients. Recently I created a portfolio on poster-art for display, and was commissioned a series of images on Churches of Devon.

What is it I want to portray in my photography?

My eyes view at the time of composing the shot; a balance of light, contrast, colour and perspective. Sometimes this can only be achieved through a monochrome composition with which to emphasise the tonality of the scene and subject.

I like working in black and white. For me the medium helps to draw attention towards important aspects of a composition, for example geometric lines, shapes, surface texture, or a particular mood of a scene. The use of bokeh, the word defines parts of an image that are out-of-focus and less defined, allows me to guide the eye of the viewer to the subject.

All this is okay, yet there are times when the light and colour tone are so compelling and hard to ignore that I choose to decide later what is more important. I retain the view in my memory, and later, when editing, the view returns quite easily "in the minds eye"; it is then I decide what to do. Working in raw format, the type of data I prefer, has the advantage of keeping my options open, and in particular the choice to use either colour, or Black and White, or even both.

All my images on the website are for sale and available in different formats: small, medium or large files for different applications, and suitable for fine-art printing, web design, and printed media. If you wish to purchase an image please contact me and I shall be more than happy to discuss your request in detail and give advice if required.

I live in South Devon in the U.K. and work from my studio when at home.

Thank you for visiting my website.